Why Google Knol Will Dominate Wikipedia

As some of you might have become aware, Google has actually revealed that later on in 2008 they will be going forward with the project referred to as “Knol”. Knol will be a sort of hybrid between about.com and wikipedia.com. Like wikipedia, there will be entries for nearly every topic, place, individual, there is that implies anything worldwide. Unlike wikipedia, knol will be entirely published by one person and then that person will be permitted to accept brand-new entries for that given topic, modify and alter the subject, and be credited for composing the entry.

Knol will have a special ballot system that will allow Google, to in a manner, rank how informative the entry is. Unlike wikipedia, where simply any person online can come and ruin an entry by putting phony info into it. This has actually become a significant concern with wikipedia throughout the years as so called “web terrorists” have somewhat ruined exactly what might have been an amazing web info website.

Why will Knol ultimately surpass Wikipedia in terms of web traffic?

As you probably know, Google represent nearly 60% of all worldwide web searches. Exactly what you may not know is that Google is responsible for roughly 30% of all of wikipedia’s traffic. Now if Google begins listing their own knol entries in the search engine result, in place of, or above wikipedia, we will see a major shift in traffic from wikipedia to Googles knol.

Google, unlike wikipedia will actually reward those authors of an entry by allowing them to share in the ad dollars brought in by all of their knol entries. This will provide incentive for experts in each field of work to share their knowledge with the internet community, and more then likely tear them far from wikipedia. Why would they spend hours sharing info on wikipedia when they can invest the time producing knol entries, and making residual profits for their work? The response is, merely they won’t.

Make a Wikipedia business page ,Google has significant power behind it, not only in terms of marketing, but likewise in that they are able to improve upon already existing concepts with remarkable speed and effectiveness. Knol needs to start their beta by March of 2008.

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